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"Sometimes I wish I was 29 with my life figured out & sometimes I wish I was 5 with my whole life ahead of me and not a care in the world"

~Reyna Biddy (via kushandwizdom)
"You need someone who goes out of their way to make it obvious that they want you in their life."

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i love being called lady by people like when kids are in ur way and they’re parents say “let this lady pass” it’s like heck yeah im a lady

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"The best advice I’ve ever received is, ‘No one else knows what they’re doing either."

~Ricky Gervais  (via 1112pm)

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"I want to be with you,
it is as simple,
and as complicated as that."

~Charles Bukowski   (via alexandrave)

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"Amo las cosas que se pueden entrelazar,
tus manos,
tus cabellos,
tus dedos,
tus piernas,
tu lengua,
tu vida, la mía…"

~Vuelta y Giro. (via alessa-an)

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